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Samsung Gear 360 Value Kit

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Quick Overview

Capture unforgettable moments with a longer tripod for stationary shots from a higher perspective. Elevate your shot off a flat surface to reduce the prominence of the ground, avoid interruption by smaller, nearby objects or get closer to the focus level of the main subjects in your shot. The extended tripod is collapsible like the tripod included with your Gear 360 so it can be used as a handheld monopod as well.

The included BT Remote Control allows for easier shooting on-the-go. The remote quickly attaches to the extended tripod so you can use it to control your shutter easily with one hand and keep your Galaxy device safely in your pocket while hiking or during other active use cases. For those without a compatible Galaxy device1 , you can detach and use the remote to take pictures and start/stop recording away from your Gear 360 so you’re not present in the shot. For those with compatible Galaxy devices, you can already control the camera remotely with the Gear 360 Manager app.

Gear 360 Accessory Kit features flat and curved mounts for easy adjustability and maximum versatility. Install the quick release buckle on your Gear 360 to easily and securely attach your camera to one of the included mounts. The flat mount can be affixed to flat surfaces like a wall or ceiling while the curved mount could be attached to a helmet or car dash.2

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100% Authentic!

Ships in Original Packaing with Original Accessories!


  • General



  • Compatibility

    Wearables and VR compatibility

    Gear 360 (SM-C200NZWAXAR)

  • Included in Box

    Bluetooth remote control, Extended tripod, Flat and curved waterproof adhesive mounts, Quick-release buckle, Quick-start guide

Condition Description

These phones are flawless and are like new. These phones will have no sign of use at all and could likely come in OEM packaging.


These phones will appear flawless but upon a closer look there may be subtle signs of previous use. It is possible that there will be some signs of use on the screen and there will be some minor signs of use on the housing of the phone, however, these will be difficult to notice with the naked eye.

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These phones may exhibit slightly more wear than our “Excellent” phones. They may have some slight wear on the screen but it will not be easy to spot. The housing of the phone may have some minor scuffs or scratches but these will also be difficult to notice.

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These phones have obviously been used before and show common signs of wear such as scuffs or scratches on both the screen and the housing. There can be dings in the frame of the phone or lots of noticeable wear around audio and charging ports. None of these cosmetic conditions will affect the functionality of the phone.

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These phones will have very noticeable signs of wear on the screen, housing and the back of the phone. The scuffs, scratches and dings may be deeper and larger than those of our “Good” phones. None of these cosmetic conditions will affect the functionality of the phone.

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